About Us

Bukchon Maru Hanok Guesthouse is located in the heart of the Bukchon Hanok residential area in Seoul. Bukchon (meaning North Village in Korean) has the highest concentration of Hanoks, the traditional tiled-roof Korean buildings.  We are a family run guest house, having owned this property for over 30 years.

When I was a kid, I hated this old-fashioned flat. But as I got older I began to appreciate the traditional style and location. Now, I love every moment of our life in Bukchon, and we hope you will enjoy it too.
— Kim Siyoung - Manager

Due to its proximity to the local palaces, Bukchon has been home to high government officials and prestigious families of the late Chosen Dynasty, who needed to commute to the local palaces often. The name “Bukchon” was synonymous with status and class in the era no more than 100 years ago. Along with the tumultuous modern Korean history, the quiet neighborhood of Bukchon also underwent significant changes. Modern buildings began to appear, and with the elimination of traditional class system, more and more people swarmed in to the village.