Today's handsome and beautiful guests are from France.

Today's handsome and beautiful guests are from France.


We took a picture together~~~ When they go out, they look very fashionable like parisienne. However, we couldn't take pictures ㅜㅜ but we have a chance to take a picture tomorrow!!!!!!! Because they will have a time to experience about Hanbok!!!!!!


During breakfast, we talked a lot about french regions, movies, and singers with fun. They will go to Namsan, Garosu-gil,and  Chenggye stram which is the today's last date course. We hope there will be held many interesting events in Chenggye stram for their good memories~~^^^ We expect tomorrow's schedule like Hanbok experiences. Maybe they look so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!  We really hope they will spend a good time in Bukchonmaru guesthouse~~~


With France friends~!

If you visit in Bukchonmaru guesthouse, You can also make a variety of international friends!!!!!!

We are waiting that see you soon~~~

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There is A Special Activity in Our Bukchonmaru

   Until today ,our bukchonmaru ranked the 7th in the 450 Hotels So we offer a special activity for everyone .

  There are many kinds of Shows that you can experience if you buy the discount tickets .And you can go to the Seoul Tower .So how much is it ???

It is about 20,000KRW. you can buy the tickets if you book our guesthouse ,or you can buy it if travel anguk dong .


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The Story of Bukchonmaru ( 2 )

They are looking for the bukchonmaru who come from Singapore~~


"안녕하세요"This is the first word that Korean people use in the morning 

There is a traditional speaking  

The beautiful girls like to sleep very late  

But what happened  

The girls who live in our guesthouse get up very early  

They are very excited  

Especially the sisters who sit in the behind   

Until today ,they have been eaten the Korean breakfast to be  with us 3 times  

It looks seem they are very familar the morning scenery  of bukchonmaru  

They help us to prepare the breakfast with bukchonmaru's mama  

Shake the bell  

It means will eat breakfast together  

we are very happy and thankful  

Because we are looks like one family  




  In the morning we just take the pictures

One person is preparing the kimchi  

Today's breakfast is consists of  kimchi,cold dishes and sea-tent cook that were made by MARU MAMA


This is the vegetables that were used in the breakfast


This is the pastry that MARU MAMA made

If you want to know hoe to make please scan our korean blog

It looks very delicious  



After breakfast ,it's time to experience the habok  


The colour is very fit them  

The two girls  except in the middle of the girl are sisters

We can know that,ok?? 

Their smile looks vert similar  


Bring the basket  

Where do you want to go for looking for the potherb  



This picture is the best that I like 

She is very natural and beautiful  

And she looks like Korean person very much  

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The Story of Bukchonmaru ( 1 )

Today,the rainy season is really coming

Although use the umbrella, all of the clothes were wet

Korean people  said ,it is very dry of this year rainy season

A little worried about our guesthouse’s   passengers

Especially the friends who don’t bring the umbrella

But the baba of MARU is very  kind, lend the umbrella to them

Today, we want to introduce two special family

Who lived in our bukchonmaru


Foreign visitors besides like MARU mama cooking very much

Then it’s  the time to experience the hanbok

The bride will wear this Hanbok

But now all don’t wear it

Because many persons like the bridal veil

She looks like a bride

The sisters are very beautiful

Their heart also very beautiful and kindness


The mama of MARU help her  correct the posture

That looks more beautiful  


Her sister helps her take the picture

wow,she is so beautiful  


This woman is come from China

She want to see her daughter so come to our guesthouse  

They want to have a happy memories in our guesthouse  

This mother have only one daughter  

So she is very important for her  

Even it is very far from China  

She missed her daughter so much  

Then she is comimg  

Maybe this is the mother's love(∩_∩)O~


This girl is the daughter of this mother

She can speak Korean very well  

They had a good time in our guesthouse



Welcome to our guesthouse, 


Korean Blog:
Reservation :


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The Introduction of Bukchonmaru

    In fact, everyone is familiar with the concept of hanok, If you want to say you know all of the details about the hanok  only when you exprience it.For everybody who likes traveling our Eglish blog will introduce our guesthouse--bukchonmaru.

   Maybe this is the best answer that all of the travelers want to know.some travelers will ask many questions before they book the room,the most they asked are,does the room is available? how much is it?How about the traffic and so on .

  There are 3 rooms in our guesthouse,one is family room with private bathroom,the other two are double rooms with shared bathroom. The hanok is different from Hotel,why is that?at first,the hanok is made by wood.But all of the Hotel are made in Modern tools,such as Cement,stone and Glass.


   There is not any tall building in the ancient times,but now we can see the tall building the traditional house is become more and more important.Many people want to live in the small house,they don't like the tall buildings.But if you live in the city,you can't build a small house by yourself,even you can buy the villa,but it is very many people just dream that they will live a samll house.

  But if you travel to Korea,there your dreams will come true,because our guesthouse is a traditional house,you can experience the traditional culture in our korean food,hanbok,how to make the kimchi. 


    There are many traditional house,we called it hanok,many travelers want to experience it,so our guesthouse is opened for travelers,actually,our guesthouse only for our family.But now you can live with us.Welcome to our guesthouse,whereever you come from,we can serve you do our best.


  Many people want to know how much is the double room an d family room.In fact,it is very cheap compared with the Hotel.It is about 100USD per day of the double room,the double room can be hold 2 persons,it is about 140-160USD per day of the family room with private bathroom.we offer korean breakfast in the morning. 

  You can book the room through our website,,the booking page is connected with agoda,so don't worry it is wrong.recently,many travelers come to our guesthouse,they think it is very nice,if you want to see their coment,you can browse our coment website,

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The News About Our Guesthouse( 1 )

  There are many interesting things in our guesthouse. The travelers in our guesthouse who come from all over the world. 

  They have different culture compared with Korea.Even the travelers who have different cultures and life style.Every day in the morning,we will have breakfast together with all the travlers,they can talk about something each other,and they ask our guesthouse's host  many different questions,such as the culture of  Korea,kimchi and the korean food and so on.Although you don't need to speak one word,you will find it is very interesting when you just hear what they are can make many foreign friends in our guesthouse.They are very kind and friendly.

  Please don't hesitate any more,just come,welcome to our guesthouse.There are many interesting things wating for you. 


  They are come from Australia,the woman who has long hair  is the president of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW). In the middle of the two persons who is our guesthouse's mama,she cooks the delicious korean food for our guests every day in the morning.The other female who lives in korea now,the two females who are good friends.



   In the morning,they are very happy when we eat breakfast together.They like the korean food.Although they can not speak korean very well, we can communicate with English,the man who can speak English and Chinese very well.He is the manager of our guesthouse.So don't worry about you can not speak Korean,we can communicate with you.

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The Experience of Wearing Hanbok(3)

  There is the Hanbok world,if you want to write something about the Hanbok,we are very thanful.

  There are so many kinds of hanbok,so how can we know which is fit us.

  At first,we will choose the hanbok on the basis of your age.But this is not all.

  If you want to know,please read it below.


As you know,some person's age is not fit with her/his face.

At that time, you can choose the hanbok which is you best like.

There are many colours which you can choose.


Look at the picture,they put on different colour's hanbok,but they are very beatiful.


  They are very happy,in the middle of the person who is

our guesthouse's mama.

  She can teach you how to wear the hanbok.At first time

you will find that wearing the hanbok is very

difficulty.Because there are many lines.

  But  don't worry,our guesthouse's mama will help you.

If you want to know something about the hanbok,our

guesthouse's mama very glad to tell you.

If you are interested in the korean culture,maybe learn

about the hanbok is very helpful to you.

If you put on the hanbok,then there is something you

can choose that you can hold in your hands.

  You can hold the hand fan in your hands.It looks like

that they are come from the ancient times.

  There are many things that you can choose.

They are playing.

In fact,the korean people will wear different hanbok at

different place.For example,when there is a marriage,the

bridegroom's family and bride's family will both wear the

hanbok,but how can we know the person who is come

from the bridegroom's family or the  bride's family.At this

time,the hanbok's colour is very important.

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Kimchi—A Zesty Korean Staple(2)

  Kimchi is part of the international family of pickled vegetables. It is similar to the sauerkraut of Germany, the paocai of China, the tsukemono of Japan, the achar of India, and the pickles of other regions. In all its variations, kimchi provides Koreans with essential vitamins as well as a distinctive flavor, which invariably draws a strong reaction from the first-time taster. Detractors protest that their nostrils and taste buds are overwhelmed by the garlic and hot red pepper. Yet, aficionados find the assault on their senses sheer delight, and they keep coming back for more.

Prepare the materials.

  As people seek to lend spice to their meals, kimchi is becoming known worldwide. Servicemen from the West, immigrant workers, and thousands who came for the Seoul Olympics in 1988 got to taste it. As a result, in some countries kimchi now stands on the threshold of acceptance in the realm of fast food beside such multinational fare as hamburgers, tacos, chow mein, sushi, and hot dogs. Some non-Korean airlines serve it with their meals. In supermarkets in Japan, as many as ten million Korean-made kimchi minicups were sold over a three-year period. But how is kimchi prepared?

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