The Experience of Wearing Hanbok(3)

  There is the Hanbok world,if you want to write something about the Hanbok,we are very thanful.

  There are so many kinds of hanbok,so how can we know which is fit us.

  At first,we will choose the hanbok on the basis of your age.But this is not all.

  If you want to know,please read it below.


As you know,some person's age is not fit with her/his face.

At that time, you can choose the hanbok which is you best like.

There are many colours which you can choose.


Look at the picture,they put on different colour's hanbok,but they are very beatiful.


  They are very happy,in the middle of the person who is

our guesthouse's mama.

  She can teach you how to wear the hanbok.At first time

you will find that wearing the hanbok is very

difficulty.Because there are many lines.

  But  don't worry,our guesthouse's mama will help you.

If you want to know something about the hanbok,our

guesthouse's mama very glad to tell you.

If you are interested in the korean culture,maybe learn

about the hanbok is very helpful to you.

If you put on the hanbok,then there is something you

can choose that you can hold in your hands.

  You can hold the hand fan in your hands.It looks like

that they are come from the ancient times.

  There are many things that you can choose.

They are playing.

In fact,the korean people will wear different hanbok at

different place.For example,when there is a marriage,the

bridegroom's family and bride's family will both wear the

hanbok,but how can we know the person who is come

from the bridegroom's family or the  bride's family.At this

time,the hanbok's colour is very important.

Posted on May 23, 2013 .