The News About Our Guesthouse( 1 )

  There are many interesting things in our guesthouse. The travelers in our guesthouse who come from all over the world. 

  They have different culture compared with Korea.Even the travelers who have different cultures and life style.Every day in the morning,we will have breakfast together with all the travlers,they can talk about something each other,and they ask our guesthouse's host  many different questions,such as the culture of  Korea,kimchi and the korean food and so on.Although you don't need to speak one word,you will find it is very interesting when you just hear what they are can make many foreign friends in our guesthouse.They are very kind and friendly.

  Please don't hesitate any more,just come,welcome to our guesthouse.There are many interesting things wating for you. 


  They are come from Australia,the woman who has long hair  is the president of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW). In the middle of the two persons who is our guesthouse's mama,she cooks the delicious korean food for our guests every day in the morning.The other female who lives in korea now,the two females who are good friends.



   In the morning,they are very happy when we eat breakfast together.They like the korean food.Although they can not speak korean very well, we can communicate with English,the man who can speak English and Chinese very well.He is the manager of our guesthouse.So don't worry about you can not speak Korean,we can communicate with you.

Posted on June 14, 2013 .