The Story of Bukchonmaru ( 1 )

Today,the rainy season is really coming

Although use the umbrella, all of the clothes were wet

Korean people  said ,it is very dry of this year rainy season

A little worried about our guesthouse’s   passengers

Especially the friends who don’t bring the umbrella

But the baba of MARU is very  kind, lend the umbrella to them

Today, we want to introduce two special family

Who lived in our bukchonmaru


Foreign visitors besides like MARU mama cooking very much

Then it’s  the time to experience the hanbok

The bride will wear this Hanbok

But now all don’t wear it

Because many persons like the bridal veil

She looks like a bride

The sisters are very beautiful

Their heart also very beautiful and kindness


The mama of MARU help her  correct the posture

That looks more beautiful  


Her sister helps her take the picture

wow,she is so beautiful  


This woman is come from China

She want to see her daughter so come to our guesthouse  

They want to have a happy memories in our guesthouse  

This mother have only one daughter  

So she is very important for her  

Even it is very far from China  

She missed her daughter so much  

Then she is comimg  

Maybe this is the mother's love(∩_∩)O~


This girl is the daughter of this mother

She can speak Korean very well  

They had a good time in our guesthouse



Welcome to our guesthouse, 


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Posted on July 5, 2013 .