The Story of Bukchonmaru ( 2 )

They are looking for the bukchonmaru who come from Singapore~~


"안녕하세요"This is the first word that Korean people use in the morning 

There is a traditional speaking  

The beautiful girls like to sleep very late  

But what happened  

The girls who live in our guesthouse get up very early  

They are very excited  

Especially the sisters who sit in the behind   

Until today ,they have been eaten the Korean breakfast to be  with us 3 times  

It looks seem they are very familar the morning scenery  of bukchonmaru  

They help us to prepare the breakfast with bukchonmaru's mama  

Shake the bell  

It means will eat breakfast together  

we are very happy and thankful  

Because we are looks like one family  




  In the morning we just take the pictures

One person is preparing the kimchi  

Today's breakfast is consists of  kimchi,cold dishes and sea-tent cook that were made by MARU MAMA


This is the vegetables that were used in the breakfast


This is the pastry that MARU MAMA made

If you want to know hoe to make please scan our korean blog

It looks very delicious  



After breakfast ,it's time to experience the habok  


The colour is very fit them  

The two girls  except in the middle of the girl are sisters

We can know that,ok?? 

Their smile looks vert similar  


Bring the basket  

Where do you want to go for looking for the potherb  



This picture is the best that I like 

She is very natural and beautiful  

And she looks like Korean person very much  

Posted on July 8, 2013 .