Today's handsome and beautiful guests are from France.

Today's handsome and beautiful guests are from France.


We took a picture together~~~ When they go out, they look very fashionable like parisienne. However, we couldn't take pictures ㅜㅜ but we have a chance to take a picture tomorrow!!!!!!! Because they will have a time to experience about Hanbok!!!!!!


During breakfast, we talked a lot about french regions, movies, and singers with fun. They will go to Namsan, Garosu-gil,and  Chenggye stram which is the today's last date course. We hope there will be held many interesting events in Chenggye stram for their good memories~~^^^ We expect tomorrow's schedule like Hanbok experiences. Maybe they look so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!  We really hope they will spend a good time in Bukchonmaru guesthouse~~~


With France friends~!

If you visit in Bukchonmaru guesthouse, You can also make a variety of international friends!!!!!!

We are waiting that see you soon~~~

Posted on October 9, 2014 .